One of Copper Star Coffee's big Rice Krispies® Treats on a plate.

Bakery Staples: Homemade Rice Krispies® Treats

Rice Krispies® Treats are the memories of childhood. They are nostalgia—one of the first things we made as a kid. We remember standing on a stool so we could reach the bowl on the counter. Stirring, stirring, stirring until it was time to press the still warm treat into the pan. Then waiting, waiting, waiting for it to cool just enough to cut it into squares so we could finally eat it. Sigh.

Our homemade Rice Krispies® Treats are available fresh each morning while supplies last. And, just like our honking brownies, these treats are BIG.

Copper Star Coffee is located in Central Phoenix. We are a neighborhood coffee shop with an eclectic menu selection. Our drink menu encompasses everything from freshly brewed coffee and tea to Italian sodas. The food menu has something for everyone. So whether you’re gluten free, vegan/vegetarian or a bacon loving meat eater, we’ve got your vibe.

Bakery Staples: Big Brownies

Big brownies are the only way to eat brownies. These honking squares of baked double chocolate goodness are available in our case every morning on a first come first served basis. Why not grab one when when you come in for your morning coffee? Then you can eat it for dessert after lunch or dinner […]