Bakery Staples: Big Brownies

Big brownies are the only way to eat brownies. These honking squares of baked double chocolate goodness are available in our case every morning on a first come first served basis. Why not grab one when when you come in for your morning coffee? Then you can eat it for dessert after lunch or dinner […]

Tea Tuesday: The Erika

It’s no secret that we have some of the best baristas in Phoenix. They love making coffee and it shows by the quality and care they put into making all of the drinks on our menu. ┬áBut what really gets them excited is coming up with their own signature creations. That’s where our baristas really […]

Bakery Staples: Coffee Cake

Coffee cake loaves are one of our more popular bakery items. This, rather adorable, mini-loaf, is great for breakfast or dessert and the cinnamon crumb topping pairs well with coffee or tea. The loaf transports well, so feel free to pick one up in the drive-thru–although, we can’t guarantee you won’t give yourself away when […]

Lavender Syrup Made from Scratch

  Lavender mochas, lavender lattes, lavender lemonade. What makes our lavender drinks so delicious? We make our lavender syrup from scratch! Aaaaand, it’s available all year long with lavender mochas and lattes served hot or iced.                         Copper Star Coffee is located in Central […]