Dog Friendly Patio

A pink dog bowl with drawn pictures of dogs and cats sits on the patio at Copper Star Coffee.Dog friendly patios are an important part of Phoenix life. That’s why we welcome your friendly dog kid on our patio. It’s open all year, rain or shine, cold or hot. During the summer we’ve got misters and during the winter we light a fire in our custom fire pit.

Our dog friendly patio is one of the many wonderful things that makes CSC a true neighborhood coffee shop.

Friendly PSA: Do not leave your dog in your car with the windows closed, it’s illegal. And when the temperature is 70º degrees outside, it can be 100º in your car, even with the windows cracked! Keep the air conditioning running and still get your CSC fix by coming through our drive-thru.

Copper Star Coffee is located in Central Phoenix. One of the best places to study or meet a friend, we are a neighborhood coffee shop with an eclectic menu selection. Our drink menu encompasses everything from freshly brewed coffee and tea to Italian sodas. The food menu has something for everyone. So whether you’re gluten free, vegan/vegetarian or a bacon loving meat eater, we’ve got your vibe. Come visit Bill and fam today. 

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