Tea Tuesday: The Erika

Barista Erika, in the background, next to the iced tea drink she created. Earl Grey and Passion Plum teas with a shot of lavender, finished off with a few blueberries.

Erika with The Erika. Earl Grey and Passion Plum iced teas with a shot of lavender and finished off with a few blueberries.

It’s no secret that we have some of the best baristas in Phoenix. They love making coffee and it shows by the quality and care they put into making all of the drinks on our menu.  But what really gets them excited is coming up with their own signature creations. That’s where our baristas really display their creative skills.

If you’ve been coming to Copper Star Coffee for any length of time, then you know Erika, with her stylish bob and equally stylish cat glasses. Erika has created an incredible iced tea concoction that is worthy of it’s own blog post.

When we asked Erika what she called her drink she smiled sheepishly and said she hadn’t named it yet. Since Erika is too humble to name it after herself, we’ll do it for her. Behold, The Erika.

This namesake drink consists of Earl Grey and Passion Plum iced teas with a couple pumps of our homemade lavender syrup; it’s then finished off with a few blueberries. This iced tea drink is deliciously refreshing, fruity and floral, all in one. Trust us, we can’t get enough.

So the next time you see Erika, order her drink.  She’ll be glad to make it especially for you.

Copper Star Coffee is located in Central Phoenix. We are a neighborhood coffee shop with an eclectic menu selection. Our drink menu encompasses everything from freshly brewed coffee and tea to Italian sodas. The food menu has something for everyone. So whether you’re gluten free, vegan/vegetarian or a bacon loving meat eater, we’ve got your vibe.

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