March Artist of the Month: Photographer Josh Arizona

Framed photos of Route 66 and Arizona landscapes.Copper Star Coffee’s artist of the month is Josh Arizona, a professional photographer and videographer here in Phoenix. He started shooting in 2006 and photography runs in the family. His great grandfather documented family life on Kodachrome slides from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Josh also has a large collection of photographs his great grandfather took during his wartime service in England, France, and Germany from 1944-1946. 

What are your main genres of photography?

I really enjoy documenting the State of Arizona, Phoenix’s art deco buildings, the four deserts that intersect in this state and the diversity of scenery the state has to offer. Also, I just enjoy documenting anything interesting I come across in my travels. 

Your photos at Copper Star Coffee are mostly landscape and architecture but you are the league photographer for roller derby, how did that start?

I love capturing action and candid expressions, the intensity of the sport through portraits and stills of action.

Are you on the sidelines or are you donning roller skates?

Always trackside, and sometimes I venture into the center of the track, but never on skates.

Your Instagram and Facebook pages are mostly black and white photographs, what draws you to editing in black and white?

I’ve always been drawn to the black and white photography of W. Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson, [and] others, and all the photo essays of Life Magazine. White balance is also my arch enemy, but I shoot in RAW format which preserves the original color of every photo I take. On occasion, I edit and print in color.

What is a genre of photography that you haven’t had a chance to explore but would love to if you had more time?

I have done a bit of live music photography, and shot shows for Calabrese and The Limit Club. I just get so far behind in editing derby related stuff that it’s hard to find the time.

What do you love the most about photography?

Capturing moments in time that will never happen exactly the same way again. Documenting it for others to see or capturing a place and time and showing it to others through your perspective.

Random question. What is something not a lot of people know about you?

A lot, I am overly secretive.

You may see more of Josh’s work at @heyooooophotos.

Copper Star Coffee supports local artists by featuring a new one each month in our artist of the month program. All art is affordable and available for purchase in the coffee shop.

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